Neuromation is proud to announce:
ai startup competition
Neuromation will distribute 10% of its Neurotoken sales proceeds in computing power to startups that contribute to the development of neural networks.
The rules are simple:
You must be a startup with a working MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
You must actively be contributing to the development of neural networks
Our esteemed jury includes:
David Orban
Analyst of the global technology landscape and Founder & Managing Partner at Network Society Ventures
Andrew Rabinovich
PhD, specialist in computer vision, machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, image processing and big data
Sergey Nikolenko
Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Internet Studies in St. Petersburg and machine learning and network algorithms specialist
This list will be updated as jury members are added, all of whom are respected academics studying neural networks in top global universities.
Participating startups are also invited to take part in the Bounty Program - to distribute information about Neuromation and help us raise funds in Neurotoken sales that will be used for grants.
If you feel that you fit the bill and wish to participate, please fill out the form below.
Best of luck!
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